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Edvard Fagerholm
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Re: Edvard's Workout Log


KB squats @ 1 pood
KB romanian deadlifts (same weight)
KB floor presses (both at one time).

-> Forgot to write down my time. I think it was 10:40.


3 rounds of:
1 min double KB swings
1 min double KB thrusters
1 min jumping split squats
1 min burpees
1 min rest

Reps per round were: 76-60-60 = 196 total


6 rounds for time:
12 strict push-ups
9 Renegade rows (L and R=1, NO PUSHUP) 1 pood
12 single leg squats (to box)

Time was around 15:30... Forgot to write down...


Metcon: Cindy

9 rounds + 5 pull-ups

Yup, my push-ups suck... Everything that involves pressing is always really terrible for me and slows me down a lot. Squats were pretty damn easy and I was not limited by my cardio output at any point during the workout.
Current tested maxes:
Squat: 245, Sumo DL: 315, Push-press: 125, pull-up (supinated): 60 (in lbs)
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