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I am a little confused by the question.

I do the CF WOD as much as my schedule will allow on top of my sparring/grappling/technique training. Most days I can do an hour of technique and repetition work, 15 min of 50 - 75% output sparring and a WOD within a few hours without to much trouble. My WOD times may suffer a little, but I know that ahead of time so I don't sweat it.

Many of the workouts I modify to include bag work (to replace rowing, running, etc), sandbags, and even partner drills (manhandling a partner in some shape or form).

I will say that the WODs have allowed me to far out perform my colleauges in the 'conditioning' parts of the training. BUT when it will only take you so far in the ring. I have found that if I take an extended break from fighting, even while keeping my CF workouts up, my fight endurance suffers.

SO like most sports, I have found CrossFit + Sport Specific training is key.
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