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Re: Final games thoughts

Honestly, I liked the softball throw despite what tons of other people were saying. It revealed a pretty enormous weakness in athletes like Speal and Khalipa while showing that Froning is even more well rounded than they are. The "fittest man on earth" should be able to throw an object further than my wife. It shouldn't be the deciding factor of the whole event but it should definitely be an expectation, IMHO.

But I still think the boundaries imposed on it screwed it up with too many DNF's. Also the ridiculously short time in which they had to snatch and do the weighted chest to bar pullup stunk. And the lack of transition time in those skills. And while they can say pure strength was tested (1RM) it was slightly watered down with those restrictions placed on it.

The only exciting thing about the final event was the sled pull. It also started off with rowing and wallballs (repeating) which wasn't exactly fair for the smaller guys.

But overall I think this years were more fair than in the past. Both little guys and big guys performed admirably even on things you didn't think they would. On things like the sled push and sled pull the little guys who knew HOW to apply force ended up doing well while some of the big guys faltered.

In General, I agree with the things you said though.

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