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Re: Final games thoughts

A Couple of things I forgot -

The Masters winners were all JACKED! God I hope I look like that at their age, what a bunch of beasts!

The Women's top 2 heats are seriously as fun as watching the guys. I think it is the only sport that I can say that I honestly don't want to miss any of the womens, this is a HUGE step for womens athletics in my mind. The knock on womens sports is that they aren't as big, strong or fast as the men, but seriously Annie would kill me in everything, same weights. I gained a HUGE respect for the ladies this year (not that I didn't before) but the fact that there are more women becoming competitive is awesome. That being said some of the later heats were still tough to watch sometimes, but same was true for the guys.

Some of the form on the Clean and Jerk really turned the non-CrossFitters we had watching off, it was seriously freaking them out. I can't blame them, broadcasting that stuff gives CF a bad name...REALLY lucky no one blew out a knee on the live broadcast.
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