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For non Crossfit Center City people who read this blog, our affiliate lead By Erin and Greg are having a BCCC........this is what we are doing from August 8th to September 8th or 9th. MUST ANNOTATE ALL LINKS WHETHER WORK AND FAMILY SAFE.

Ok, I know I am early but I am starting this thing on August 1st, so I will be a week ahead (the first week is a practice week), but that only hurts my chances because I should drop a pound or two this week. This will be my food log. I am not going to worry about counting my fats,carbs and Protein for the first week which starts on Sunday August 1st.

Once August 8th hit's I will be following my number's that I compute following Gregs write up. MUST ANNOTATE ALL LINKS WHETHER WORK AND FAMILY SAFE. After discussing with him my goals I will come up with what my numbers should be. Things that I will cut out for the month are bread and beer/wine I don't drink a lot and Alana doesn't drink at all so I figure I can go without a beer here and there this month. I am also cutting out Burgers for the month just for the hell of it I have to try and break the addiction!!!!!!

I plan on adding 3 days a week of running to my normal routine of 5 days of Crossfit, 2 days of gymnastics and what will now be 2 to 3 days of Oly lifting. I also plan on working on gymnastics on my own 4 to 5 days a week to get better and hand stands, muscle ups flexability and a lot of bodyweight stuff.

I know some will say this is overdoing it with the training.........but I think back to double sessions in football.....or 13 years ago bootcamp (wow I am getting old).....or my friends who are on the other side of the world doing a lot harder things physically carrying around 50 to 100lbs while being shot at and worrying about getting killed 24/7 ...........I should be able to deal with a little extra training. (and a lot of them are doing CF when not working)

This whole thing is timed perfect since I have the entire entire month off. I want to basically devote the month to training and moving into a higher level fitness. I really feel that the 25 lbs or so of fat I have on my body is restricting me a lot during metcons and in other areas of fitness. I think over the last 6 months I have built a pretty good foundation. I have only lost 5 lbs but have also lost 4-5 BF %....I am still hiting PR's every week so I am getting stronger but I am still far from where I want to be and I think this extra weight is the #1 issue. .....not good weight

I am a very goal oriented person so I am going to set some personal goals related to fitness this month.

Right now I am between 169 and 171 with a bodyfat of right around 15% according to the Marine Corps Body fat chart. My waist is 32. and I am 5'6.

By Sept 8th I want to be between 158 and 160.
Increase flexibility everywhere but really in the hips, shoulders and back
Get really good at hand stands
build up my endurance
Waist to 30 inches
Read the Old test.
Read starting strength
Read the Paleo diet
Learn as much as I can about nutrition, Oly Lifting and Crossfit in General
did I mention I hate to read???????

Thats it, please feel free to comment whenever and give me input on the nutrition, I am willing to adgust fire anytime with what people say, if Greg or Erin agree

Big thank you to Greg and Erin for doing this
Great idea, I think it is going to be a lot of fun.......can't wait to see everyones before and after pics.....hopefully people will show them

Any Philly or NJ peeps who are reading this who want to run with me, please feel free to contact me. If you are fast or slow I will run with you, I don't care. I have ran 7 marathons and a bunch of 1/2's so I know a little bit about running.......I will be doing much shorter distances and a lot of hill work, speed work, fun runs (stopping and doing burpees, push ups, squats......) and one day a week will be a 5K for time.

Ok...enough writing for rule on my correcting my spelling or grammar.....I know I know it sucks, deal with it. I didn't pay attention in english because it was boring to me and I went to the Marine Corps right out of high school and all my military edjumacation deals with math (I am an avionics tech by trade), leadership, sales (I am a recruiter now) and learning new ways to kill people.
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