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Re: Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

It looks like you have a hybrid squat as that being the case, you will have mixed results, depending on what your goals are (specific to the Back Squat).

You seem to be doing a High Bar Back Squat but are calling it low bar because you think the bar is lower on your back.

For a low bar back squat, go with a wider stance, lose the Oly shoes (you don't want the raised heel) and go with a flat shoe like converse or some dc/skater shoes (vans, etc.) Just look at your videos. Your shins are no where as vertical as they should be for a LBBS. Not even close, on any of them. This is because you aren't sitting back as much. You should feel more hamstring (posterior chain stuff) in the LBBS and the position of your knee and your quad shows me that your squats are very much HBBS.

If they are HBBS, then your elbows are way too far back. They need to be tucked under you more to keep your chest upright a lot more than it is. This will also help with sitting down between your legs. This is where your Oly shoes will help.

You should have more of a lean forward with the LBBS because that is what balances out the massive load that starts with the hips way back, it balances the vertical shins and balances the "lowness" of the bar on your back.

Not bad on the squats, but you seem a bit in between both worlds. I am no pro at them but I've studied it and done enough of both LBBS and HBBS that they look and feel VERY different to me. Yours do not and I feel like you won't progress as efficiently because you are intending to do one type of squat but your body mechanics are not cooperating.

Don't call it a LBBS just because the bar is low on your back. There are many more changes than that. What exactly are you going for? Obviously to increase your Back Squat right? Do you want a better transition for Front Squats and Olympic Lifts? Are you looking to simply give yourself the highest 1RM possible? Do you feel more comfortable doing one type vs. another (knee issues, flexibility issues, etc?). Do you know that your weakness is your hamstrings?
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