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Re: Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

Hey Robert, thanks for the feedback.

I've definitely working on the weight forward (even lifting toes during warmups). I also notice in some vids that my right heel pops up a little on some reps. It's the same foot I've had some Achilles problems (it is better, I'm running again) so I think I need to work on that flexibility too. Interestingly it's also the side that I'll lean over too or will roll inwards on too. Weight back/off ties/on mid-foot is one thing that's constantly in my thoughts. I feel it's gotten better. Before I started taking videos (with lighter weight) I could feel the pitch forward happen big time - was like down, pitch forward, catch it and stabilize, then drive up. I had addressed this through feels but then in the 255 vids I noticed the pitch forward still occur - so I'm trying to work on it. Especially when I start ... trying to think back and down, rather than just down.

I thought it looked as if I was loose falling into the bottom too. It is something that I try to do, but feel like I do keep tight, but as you point out, the video shows it's potentially soft and out of control. I toy with this idea as it often feels better to not do this but then it doesn't feel as if I hit depth. I do like the stability of the "no bounce" though. I guess this is a work in progress, One thing I notice is that often, I do the bounce on the very next rep I felt like my depth was questionable. It seems easier or better to do with FS or HBBS - that may not be true in a technical sense but for me right now, it feels that way. I feel like it does help me ... but if I also pitch forward at the same time, or knees don't stay out, a scary rep can occur - especially when heavy.

That 262 set was terrible and I shouldn't have been in the gym. I wasn't rested. The Monday I did the 295 set and was crushed. Then on Tuesday I did a WOD (30-20-10 PC/Ring Dips) and I went at it pretty hard - that also crushed me. So Wednesday, I was tired. I even stood in the gym before I started thinking I shouldn't be here because jumping rope to warm up was tough. But you know, I was there and could tough it out .... bad idea. Live and learn. I'm chalking that set up to experience, but certainly highlights some weaknesses. My lower back was tired that day too. I have incorporated good mornings and weighted situps to try and strengthen this area up, it is making a difference. Slowly but surely. On another note, to show just how tired I was. I also did press that day too. It was also a weight where I had reset lighter. The last time I did 130x5x3 it was fairly easy. I had just done 5/4/4@145 last time. This time I did 131 and struggled with them all. On my third set, I didn't even get one the first time I tried, then waited a minute and barely, just barely got 5. I had nothing. (I'll be going up by 4# for press now, rather than 5).

For my weights. On Jan 12, 2012 I tested out a 300# BS - worst rep in history, it would have made the 262 set look perfect. Then in May I only managed 285 in a CF total and it was a struggle too. I hadn't done much squatting, other than in wods or cleans, in between those times. Then 6 weeks ago I decided to start starting strength. My first weight was 225# - somewhere between 75-80% of my 1RM - thinking it was something I knew I could start with and get some form work in before it got too heavy. 5 weeks later, after adding 5# everytime I went in and some soul searching telling myself I could do it, I got through 3x5 of 280, then 285, then 290, then 295. Was pretty happy and was dying to go for the 3x5x300 but figured I'd hurt myself, so reset to 262 (added the 2 pounds just so I'd be lifting different weights this time).


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