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Re: Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

Overall looks like you are putting in good hard work.

Depth is really solid.

I'd note 3 things that aren't horrible but to continue to work on.

1.) Looks something you still lean/fall forward a little. Keep the weight midfoot.

2.) Sometimes you seem a little loose and almost fall into the bottom. Some can master this, others they lose all their tension and when sets get tough they can't dog'em out because they are used to loose and fast.

3.) Some of your rougher reps in your 262 sets (ironically not in your 295 sets) look a little bit like a good morning which maybe shows you need more back work to catch up with your hip strength.

I was a little confused because I thought I saw a max of 300, but you did 295 for 5?
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