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Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

Yet another "starting strength" and "how's my back squat" thread.

This is me doing some backsquats. Have a look and see if there's any tips/advice for me. There's a whole series in there. (These are as work friendly as watching random guys doing backsquats on youtube can be. A few "slides" in there I use a 4 letter s-word to describe how I felt or such, but there is no major profanity or anything that would frighten adults)
Also, don't be fooled by my youtube handle, there is none of that; but I did split a pair of shorts one time - that's not on video - it's kind of a unique distraction when you have a barbell on your back. I'm sure my one weirdo subscriber is disappointed .... probably should have thought of a more mature handle.

I used to HBBS but have started to do LBBS - setting the bar under my traps (there's like a groove formed there when I "flex" back - below my traps and in shoulders).
I'm still trying to workout some of the kinks.
They are all side on views and no front-on - I could try to get some, I do try to push knees out all the time and generally have been told I do a good job. There's the odd rep (especially when heavy/tired) where I mess it up and a knee may come in, but I do usually detect that and fix it on the fly, or the next rep - you can usually see from the side anyway.

My 1rm is 300# and I've only ever done that once - worst form ever too - 90% good morning and I'm sure resembled Dave Castro's infamous DL. I usually max at 285 so was pretty stoked to surpass this weight. (lots of mental games to do so too). 285 was my typical max as anything else over this I'd usually fail at. Prior to starting this program, I did BS about once every couple of months.
I also do presses, DL, power cleans, and bench, with assistance weighted dips, weighted situps, chin-ups and good mornings (other than during BS) in the A/B type format.
A = BS, SP, PC, GM, chins
B = BS, BP, DL, dips
and I always do weighted situps.

I also do my CF wods (CFNE programming) and try to be smart about rest and weights for that too ... but I often f that up and waste myself. I typically "Start Strength" in mornings and will wod in afternoon - so often during the week 2 days is a 2-a-days. But I also will just do SS as my workout just as often. I will typically "rest" Sun and at least another day per week - generally Thurs and often Sat too. My 2nd WOD and even some of tuesday I'll got really light and turn it into pure metcon with no brutal strength component.

I felt like when I started SS I'd often be on my toes on the way down and always start squat with my knees. I feel like I've reined that in better and are trying to start more with hips and be back more. Pitching forward does not happen as much as it used to, but still occurs. Bar path has also improved. I'm not sure if I need to get my knees and hips back more or not.
My eyes are also looking at a spot 20 feet out in front of me at the floor, but I think my head is not following suit … my eyes may stay the same, but my heads breaks back when it's heavy.

Anyway, whatever. Please feel free to say anything you'd like. Like and subscribe ... yea, whatever, don't care about any of that nonsense

I'm continuing to post these up on a regular basis ... until I get bored of doing so. My schedule is typically M/W/F but sometimes, F becomes a Saturday. Life may also get in the way and I may have 3-4 days in between a workout.
At the moment, I have some 255-295 vids up. I reset weight after the 295 as although I didn't fail, I didn't want to mess myself up either and I can try again in a few weeks. I've reset back to 262 pounds which I did yesterday - I was pretty beat up that day, even stretching was hard, and as a result, every lift I did that day was a challenge. The 262#BS looked like I was trying to lift 350#.

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