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David Wood
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There have been some other discussions about the choice of format (5-2 versus 3-1). I found these:

Also, a couple of other threads on the "order of WOD", with side impact on the question of 3-1 vs. 5-2:

The CrossFit Journal from Feb 2003 provided a "template" that can be used to construct CrossFit-style workouts (note: Coach has previously acknowledged that the WOD does *not* follow this template slavishly, so don't waste time trying to predict next week's WODs). But it is a VERY useful format for systematically varying the dimensions of the workout to make sure you hit every aspect of fitness from all possible dimensions.

I don't have the issue in front of me, but I think it also addressed the question of how to structure the variation in a 5-2 setup.

Anyone else remember more?

Speaking VERY naively, I think I would go for emphasis on finer motor skills/balance/gymnastics in the early part of the week (well rested?), gross motor skills/power in the middle of the week, and metabolic burnout/suffering at the end of the week (before the weekend). But this suggestion doesn't come from any basis in coaching young athletes; your competition schedule would probably dictate a lot of when you can go hard.

Dave Wood
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