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If you have a fair straight shot to do them, (and your wardrobe can support it) lunge walks carry a lot of bang for the buck, especially when you work up to holding dumbbells while you do them.

How many turns of a jump rope can you accomplish in 2 minutes, (that is if you can keep up a 300 count pace for the entire 2 minutes without breaking)? And then progress to how many double unders can you crank out in 2 minutes.

Can you keep at it for 2 continuous minutes of man-makers with dumbbells?

Another one that used to surprise me was how tiring a 3-minute round of rapid-fire shadow boxing can be, so 2 minutes should be good for that. Learn how to throw the punches with proper footwork and toss in some feints and bob-n-weave; you may find it very functional practice for that surprise encounter where you have to defend yourself someday.

One minute each of right and left warrior stretches, again wardrobe providing.

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