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Re: Hungriest on rest days?

Originally Posted by Jacob Tsypkin View Post
Hey all,

I've noticed that I'm at my hungriest on my off days. I'm on the Zone (17 blocks,) and rest days are usually the only day I actually eat a full 17, and I eat extra fat. I just can't seem to curb my hunger. The only other days I'm this hungry are if I train right after I coach my first class, which is at 0600, meaning I train at about 0700. Usually I do my workout at 1100-1130.

Anyone experience this or have any idea what the cause may be?
I also used to find myself hungriest on rest days (and still do occas). CUrrently I train oly 5x week and on weekends (mostly Sat) when I dont train I eat tons!! Its all paleo but its a lot. I find my Vit D stores (disciple) are more dialed in during the days I train and also that my body needs that weekend as catch up and replenish time. Btw, Coach Burgener and others all told me that with my discipline (food wise) my body probably is really just asking/craving and needing the extra! I find that true and notice the scale does too! (no change weight wise despite increasing muscle)!!
Just anecdotal though..Probably is some science behind it though....
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