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So I just got back from the Orthopedist and it turns out I have a partial thickness tear of my subscapularis (well, the MRI guys say so). He recommended that I undergo surgery because of this. I plan on getting a second opinion before I make any decisions regarding surgery.

I'm particularly bugged about the fact that I have full range of motion now and I also dont experience any pain. Pretty much the only symptom left is that I feel there is some instability, for example I would not be comfortable military pressing with working weight (I havent tried it, but this is just a guess).

I really really want to try to rehab this without surgery. The orthopedist seemed pretty quick to say "see you in the operating room", but he is also motivated by the fact that he will be the surgeon, so that is also on my mind. Has anyone experienced a similar injury, or been in a similar situation? Or if you just have any advice, thats fine as well ;)
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