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Re: J&J WOD and Meatfest May 30

Hi Gang;

If you haven't decided what you're bringing, please try to firm up and email to Jamie or me. I'm short on chairs, so if you have a light folding camp style chair, bring it.

We really don't have any definite amounts on Appetizers, Sides or Deserts.

So the tentative menu(which is still a work in progress as I will be attending two BBQ comps before our event) is as follows:

Appetizers--still open, as of now, not sure if I'm making any?


Pulled Pork
Brisket Burgers
Chicken Quarters
Sausage and Sauerkraut(maybe)
Bacon Explosions


Couple Cole Slaws (me)
Salads that people are bringing and making at my place
Broccoli salad that Jamie is making.
Home Made cheese that someone is bringing.


Tirzah has something yummy planned.
Not sure what else.

We'll have some good hard rolls for sandwich's, BBQ's sauces, mustard, ketchup, and all the little picnic stuff.

No main beverage yet other then water.

This Friday, we'll firm up the list along with final attendee's, so if you're not a definite as of now, then we'll have to take that final count and see, as we do want to stay in the 35 range for attendance.

Also, if you're staying over, let us know, as I'm working on Breakfast menu, which will look alot like the menu posted above, but with Eggs and Bacon added.


BTW, I do not have a mud pit, nor do I want to have a mud pit at the end of the weekend. If someone wants to bring a Kiddie Pool and fill it with Vegetable Oil, game on.
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