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Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere

I used to listen to a lot of motivational tapes. On balance, I think it was worth the time, but when you really get knocked over, there's just not a lot that cheers you up. Except time.

The one thing everyone needs to remember, to imprint on their brains, tattoo on their hands, is that things change. No matter how much misery you get hit with, if you just keep going, keep trying to think clearly (which can be hard), and keep trying things that could work, your life improves.

Persistence prevails when all else fails. You can't control your mood. You can't sing "The sun will come out tomorrow", and pull yourself out of a funk every time. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you can be so miserable it's freaking funny. Some days I just laugh how many things go wrong. But other days it isn't funny, and I swear constantly.

But always, always, at some point I get a good night's sleep. I get the chance to eat a nice meal, have some drinks with friends, take out some frustration on some heavy weights, pet my dogs, and listen to some happy music. Then I wonder what the problem was.

Watch this in yourself Watch how upset, uptight, angry, miserable you get, then get yourself a really good night's sleep. Take a day off. And somehow you can recover.

All of us as a nation need to get ready for what I think we at some point will be able to term a growing experience. We have lost sight of the simple things, and I think many of us are going to have little choice but to recover them to keep our sanity.

I personally just finished a project that has been absolutely exhausting me. I have been so tired most Fridays I have had trouble speaking clearly. I ran into the head guy this week unexpectedly, and it was literally like I was mute at points I was so tired. He would ask me a question, and by the time I was able to answer the topic had changed. He probably thought I was on drugs. I'll follow up with him next week to smooth things over, but I have been so happy that thing is done.

One story I read a while back that stuck with me was a Mullah Nasrudin story. He is a joker/wise man in many Islamic cultures, and Idries Shah has written at least one book filled with these stores.

He is walking along and meets a man who is utterly despondant and miserable. Suddenly, he steals his purse with all his possessions, and runs off. Down the road a ways, he leaves them out. The man, finding them, is overjoyed. The (hidden) mullah mutters something like "well, that's one way to do it."

I've always liked that story. There is a lot of truth there.
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