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Re: Can't Lose Belly Fat

CrossFit 5 times per week...depending on what exactly you're doing in each session, this could be inducing a relatively high cortisol load which will thwart your fat loss efforts. Have you checked out (WFS, I guess)? Martin Berkhan has a lot of success stories of guys who basically dial their workouts down to 2-3 times per week, mostly just strength, and start incorporating intermittent fasting into their lifestyle. I've heard RW mention a few people on his podcast who similarly reduce their workout volume and end up leaning out pretty quickly.

But, it's not for everyone and it also depends on your goals. If your goal is to be a great CrossFitter and you need to do CrossFit WODs 5x per week to achieve this, then I'd probably agree with the other responses and say that eating more high quality food (wild salmon, grass fed beef) would be a good experiment to see if it pushes you in the right direction.
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