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Can't Lose Belly Fat

All -

I've been doing Crossfit now for quite a few years and I've been unable to get my body to look totally lean. I'm 29 years old, 6'0", 170 pounds. I workout 3-5 times per week, depending on my work schedule, but most of the times it's five times.

A typical day for me diet-wise would be oatmeal and a protein shake after my morning workout; either a turkey sandwich with cashews and an apple, or tuna with cashews and an apple for lunch; and, some type of meat and vegetable for dinner.

I usually drink on the weekends, but I've been trying to cut back the amount, but haven't noticed a real difference with how this has affected me.

I have pretty well defined upper abdominals, but I still carry a bit of a spare tire and my pecs aren't as tight as would like them.

Does anyone have any advice? Am I eating wrong? Do I need to eat more? I feel like there are a lot of other Crossfitters out there that look better than I do, and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

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