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Re: PT says no more Squats

Originally Posted by Shane Upchurch View Post
Ive been going to the PT for about 2 months now, again, for pain in my lower back. He has made it somewhat better but cannot seem to make it completely go away. The past two weeks I have not done any squats or dl's with weight, air squats only. Today he told me he didnt think there was much else we could do and that I may consider going to see a back specialists. He also said that I should leave out any type of squats for a while, weight or no weight, and see how my back feels, because it seems to flare up whenever I go into a deep squat. I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced something like this? Im guessing I should do what he says but would like to know what you all think as well. He believes I may have a herniated disk that is touching a nerve. Its not that bad of pain just irritating more than anything, but I want to get it back to 100% so I can start doing some oly lifts. Any suggestions?
Pending budget, my choices, not in order of importance:

Deep Tissue Massage
Second opinion from a PT that works with Athletes
Good OrthoPod that works with Athletes
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