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Re: Diary of a Fat Troll

Todays workout went well. The bros at the gym stared at me the whole time like "wtf? Why is he touching the bar to his chest?" It was nice though, the sexy crossfit ladies were doing squats right in front of me. I love the way my gym is situated

My technique has improved 100 fold since watching Dave Tates vids. I need to work on pulling my shoulder blades in more and general tighness.

The Workout: Dynamic Bench
Warm Up to 10x3 140lbs using 3 different grips.

Skullcrushers 3x8 60lbs

Back extensions 3x10 35lbs

Skipped shoulders due to knees

Abs: I tried to see how many i could get in 2 mins. i got 42. Pathetic. I used to be able to do double that, which is still pathetic, but hey, whatever.

Planks: 30 seconds front, 30 left, 30 right.

Overall, good workout. My bench technique is getting way better. Still needs work, but its improving. Also, need to get the abs back in shape. They are pathetic. Hopefully, starting next month, I will try running and squatting again (if the knees feel up to it, which they should).
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