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Thanks for sharing your experience – welcome to a top-level community of supportive individuals. We all wish you great success.

Keep in mind that our programming is designed to challenge (if not crush) the fittest men on earth. Proceed with caution.
One of the common occurring themes we see (aside for people not ramping up to the stimulus properly) is poor or un-calculated diet. AYITZ (Are you in the Zone?)

Ask yourself – “are my inputs (diet/sleep) supporting my desired output (exercise) levels?”

I offer you this as an example.

Case Study - Adolescent Malnu:
Malnu was crying to the community about not having desired outputs during his WOD. After exhaustive investigation (and time investment) on part of many individuals, it boiled down to crappy diet.
Basically Malnu was living off wonder bread, tea and pixie sticks, expecting to put out like an elite level athlete – I know it sounds funny, but it is true. What do you expect from a poor guided, misinformed teenager – right? Inputs not matching outputs…

Suggestion - read, even post to the nutrition forum - get your diet dialed in. Throttle the intensity level for a few weeks. Once you feel that you can confidently execute during the WOD. Crank up the intensity a notch – reach threshold (play with it, love it), rinse and repeat.

Keep us posted!
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