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Re: Ulnar Nerve Rehab

Hi, I have just finished a three year program in massage therapy, and we did significant studies on nerve entrapment syndromes.
Before going to the extremes of having a surgery, I would examine the soft tissue surrounding the area. The ulnar nerve runs between muscles of the forearm (palm side of forearm). If those muscles are extremely tight, as can occur from exercises requiring significant grip strength, the impingement could be occurring there. There is also potential for the nerve to be compressed up higher in the pectoral muscles, just after it exits the spinal cord.
If you are interested in exploring this further, have a therapist examine your pectorals, coracobrachialis and biceps short head in the chest and upper arm, and your forearm flexor muscles.
I have had impingement of nerves in the past that was resolved with aggressive soft tissue work in the areas that were too tight. Rest may also resolve the problem as it will give your fatigued muscles a chance to recover.
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