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exercising around elbow injury

I'm not sure where to put this question.

Bottom line: orthopedist just told me not to do any exercising involving the elbow for 3 weeks because of an ulnar nerve neuritis. (If the rest is insufficient to cure the problem, at that point we will be considering surgery.) I asked if I could even do something like pushups, and the answer was "no."

So, I'm trying to develop a list of exercises that I can do in the interim, without violating doctor's orders (and without becoming bored) Please let me know if there is anything I can add (or anything that should be taken off). (Question marks indicate that I am unsure whether they are ok.)

air squats
squats holding a medicine ball
split squats (perhaps holding a light kettlebell?)
forward lunges
box jumps
flutter kicks
jump rope
jumping jacks
mt. climbers?
one-legged deadlift with kettlebell?
kettlebell swings?
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