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Re: No spotter for noob...bad idea?

Originally Posted by adam adkins View Post
That's an understatement. It is virtually impossible with the proper grip and almost a probability with a thumb-less grip. Like I said, it is idiotic. No other way to say it.
your righteous indignation over my benching grip is admirable, you should become a closed thumb advocate, start a non-profit to rid the world of the ills of thumb-less grip bench pressing.

know what else is pretty dangerous and seemingly stupid? snatching a bar and placing it overhead. there's no shortage of videos of people dislocating their shoulders and crushing their face or some other painful outcome on a failed snatch or C&J, maybe you can set your sights on them next. i would say the probability is pretty high that eventually with oly lifts you will end up under the bar. same with riding a motorcycle, odds are you're gonna hit the pavement eventually (i already have once).

but i assess the risks and decide i only live once and they're worth it to me. the thumb-less grip to me feels very solid and not dangerous at all, for every youtube vid you watch there are tens of thousands of lifters who use it every week with no issues.

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