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Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).


I think I might be onto something. Before telling you, let me say he did that adjustment shown in the 54 second video from your article, where he pushed my shoulder back and my hip forward, kinda. There was a pop but not too loud.

Two days ago, in fact the very same day he did that manupulation, I decided to dust off my Egoscue DVD and did it. Yesterday I woke up with a sore QL in the right side. A quick Google search brought up this article: WFS:

This part got my attention big time:
Because most people sit for 90% of the day, their quadratus lumborum muscles are short, tight, and overused. If you have back pain that is only on one side of your lower back, thereís a good chance itís the quadratus lumborum on that side. If (1) you have a quadratus lumborum muscle thatís causing you pain only on one side and (2) no obvious injury initiated the pain (e.g., a fall), your pain could be coming from your everyday sitting habits. For example, if, for some reason, you like to cross your legs when you sit, and you frequently only cross them one way (e.g., always right over left), this means there are unequal forces on your back. To keep you sitting up, one of your quadratus lumborum muscles is then engaged. Some people have a tendency, when they cross their legs while sitting, to shift their weight onto the butt cheek of the uncrossed leg. For example, crossing your left leg over your right means you lean slightly to the right, with, say, 70% of your weight on your right sit-bone, 30% on your left. This isnít a problem, unless you do it for 12-14 hours a day, every day (like most of us do when weíre sitting). If this is habitual, that means one of your quadratus lumborum muscles is doing most of the work all day while you sit.
This article spoke to me. For over 10 years I ALWAYS sat with my right leg crossed over my left, the outside of my right ankle over the top of my left thigh. My right glute is therefore way more flexible and this probably contributed to the outward rotation of that right leg. I cannot even comfortable place my left leg like the right, in fact it slips down if I don't try to hold it there on purpose. I am 100% sure that I always crossed my right over the left, never alternated, and I did this through hischool and while at the university and up until maybe 2-3 years ago when I started having problems with this and I suspected crossing the legs wasn't making it any better.

Like I said, yesterday I woke up with a sore right QL... from what? Doing a few side laying leg raises? C'mon !! It's still sore today, by the way.

Now here's the thing... the main function of it is to laterally flex the trunk. Looking where it's attached, I am wondering if a tight right QL has contributed to what the chiro saw when I layed supine, that my right hip bone was a little higher than the left. (By the way Steven, the legs themselves are equal length).

Also, about 3 days ago a lady that works with the chiro, while applying heat to my lower back, said to him that she felt she could dig deeper in my right side by putting preassure with her hand. The Doc told her it was nothing but I was laying prone, so I didn't see their faces. I mentioned this today, and he said he noticed this but told her to shut up (with a sign) so I wouldn't worry, he said he didn't want to tell me just yet, but he was always aware that the problem was in the lumbar area. I don't know if to believe him but he sounded honest. And he did state repeateadly that the problem was there.

I just don't know if it makes sense. If my right QL muscle is very tight or overused or whatever, is it normel that someone would feel an "emptyness" in that right side, poking from around the lower back area?

If I stretch this right QL right now it hurts a bit, the good kind of pain, though, that you get when stretching a sore muscle. I think I will have to stretch this QL muscle everyday for a few weeks, and see what happens. I am wondering if a tight and overused right QL is the root of all my problems.

When I do stuff like single leg hip extensions, or single leg hip thrusts... I'd get a HUGE pump in what I always thought was my right lower back.... but I suspect now it's always been the darned QL !!! I kept overusing it, no wonder the chiro said it was pretty swollen when I first got there. Which is odd to me: how could it be swollen but at the same time you can dig deeper with the fingers around that area? Maybe when it gets swollen and tightened it just shrinks and gets harder, or something similar?

I would really like to hear Steven and Mike on this theory. I know Internet diagnosis is not the best, but yesterday I found a post of mine from February 20th 2008 talking about this same subject!!! That depressed me. 32 months ago!! Wtf? I really need to solve this. I remember back then I did the Egoscue DVD for 2 weeks and saw improvements, but I dropped it forever. I've done it 2 days now, and will do it for several weeks, while at the same time stretching the QL everyday with the stretch from the article I linked above. I might just go to the chiro every couple of weeks in case I need manipulation, or I could do it on my own.

By the way Steven, I once did a similar manipulation to the guy in the video, I lowered to the bottom of an air squat, placed a long wooden block between my knees (maybe a foot long) and tried to crush it with them, and I did feel a loud pop. I might actually try it today and see what happens, since the guy in the video just says to put both fists between the knees. I wonder if doing it laying down is better than standing up and the bottom of a squat.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm kinda excited, I think I might be getting somewhere. Too bad the article itself says that stretching the QL daily might still take weeks to make a difference, ouch. So it's Egoscue + QL stretching daily for me... I gotta put in at least a day of strength training in there, at least upper body or something while I fix this!
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