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Re: elbow pain

1. If the work is light enough it will "heal" on it's own with exercises. Hence, eccentric work and maybe some other light stuff in my original post.

It's been my experience that MOST CFers tend to overdo things. So it's better to tell them to rest... and do all the rehab stuff.

Some tendinitis doesn't go away with pure rest... so light work needs to be in, but that's for more chronic cases. Most cases with go away with the rehab + rest.

2. If you have chronic pain (all the time), you should probably avoid the stretches UNLESS the muscles are really tight.

But yeah eccentrics and light work with rice bucket are definitely fine with a small amount of pain. Um, chin negatives with a small amount may be fine too.

Pretty much just black box it with these. If it gets better with the light work then good. If not, cut the work out and see. If you're doing all the other recovery stuff it should be obvious which helps out more.

Eccentic would be negative forearm curls yes. Maybe negative biceps curls as well because that also does a little bit of eccentric forearm flexor action.
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