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elbow pain

The inside of my right elbow (from the elbow to 1-2 inches down) hurts when I do chin-ups, pushing exercises (bench press, shoulder press), etc., which I take to be medial epicondylitis. Not much, if any pain, unless I'm doing something that stresses the area.

Standard advice seems to be this, from Steven Low:

1. Rest. Especially if it's overuse.
2. Ice after any use & when sore. 15-30 mins per sessions for couple times a day.
3. Stretch flexors, strengthen extensors *until* pain subsides (medial epicondylitis). Then strengthen everything (my pref = rice bucket)
4. Self massage... cross friction and myofascial release the whole forearm & upper arm
5. Anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs. Fish oil is a good one.
6. Stay away from painful exercises. Period. It hurts, you're done.
7. Light eccentric exercises tend to help
8. + joint/cartilage health supplements like glucosamine & chondroin sulfate, MSM, shark, etc. Might be a good idea to start eating the cartilage and tendons off your meat too.
A few questions, comments:

1. I take it people don't like Mark Rippetoe's advice to work through the pain:
It's golfer's elbow. I've had it intermittently for years. It heals with work. You have to train, so switch to chinups, strap when you need to, up your fish oil, and get the guy to massage it.

2. Does this mean don't stretch if not in pain?

2/7: Do light exercises (rice bucket, eccentric) that may cause a small amount of pain, but not anything heavy? Is mild pain on chins, etc. ok?

Is eccentric something like a wrist curl or is it something that rotates the forearm?
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