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Any point in doing CF only 3 times a week, as part of a "fight fitness" regimen?

So I've been doing CF for about a year (with some SS breaks in between), I've been getting into Muy Thai and BJJ and starting next week plan to increase my training in those two activities, so I'm thinking this kind of schedule:

-Muy Thai Sparring 1 hour (Evening)
-Muy Thai Training Session 1.5 hours (Evening)


-CF (Morning)
-Jui Jitsu Training Session 1 hour (Evening)

-Muy Thai Sparring 1 hour (Evening)
-Muy Thai Training Session 1.5 hours (Evening)

-CF (Morning)

-Jui Jitsu Roll 1.5 hours (Morning)

-CF (Morning)

I'm in good shape, but I'm worried that 1 day of rest a week isn't enough- is it better to move one of the CF workouts on a training day and get a 2nd day of rest on Sunday, or should I cut out one of the BJJ/MT days and replace with CF so that I get that 2nd day of rest? My goal with CF is to gain weight and strength- would 3 days a week be enough?

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