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Re: 10 Fitness Domains: Quantitative Measurement Tool and Report

Looks good. Changes I would make:

1) Multiple tests per domain. It's impossible to determine an athlete's strength profile, for example, from just a Deadlift. Here are my suggestions for domain tests (commas denote separate tests):

Cardiovascular endurance: 800m run, 2K row, 5K run
Stamina: 3 minutes max Squats, 3 minutes max Push-ups, 3 minutes max Strict Pull-ups
Strength: Deadlift, Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Weighted Pull-up (BW + x lbs.)
Flexibility: ???
Power: Power Clean, Power Snatch (+ Grace?)
Speed: 100m run, 1 minute max Rope Jumps w/ alternating steps
Agility: ???
Balance: ???
Coordination: ???
Accuracy: ???

The ambiguity regarding a Grace test in the Power domain revolves around how broadly in terms of time duration we want to define "Power." Flexibility seems like it could be scored pretty easily, I just don't know how. The latter 4 I don't know how to score and am not even sure they can be scored in a meaningful way. If someone can prove otherwise, please do, but I think we could get a lot of mileage out of this rubric even without the last 4.

2) I think a score of 10 should be at or near the world record for that test. I don't think the goal here should be to only judge CrossFitters. How can you give yourself a 10 for having a 600 pound Deadlift if there's a guy with an 800 pound Deadlift. Does he also get a 10?

Scoring according to the tests I suggested above will definitely get messy, and there will be plenty of guesswork involved. The simplest way, though, will probably be to score each individual test from 1-10, and calculate the domain's score to be the average of its component tests.
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