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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Thanks for the welcome reply Diane!

"My numbers" aren't terribly impressive but considering my fitness background has been a lot of the philosophy

" workout like hell when you can and keep the faith that you can get back to the gym even if you can't right now".

I learned to lift from men and encourage anyone to. Weight training has no sexual preference. It works the same way for everyone. I got the best training advice though from people who've have competed and won/or coached winners in powerlifting / olympic-lifting. It's hard to progress when working out alone.

I'm 5'4"/f/130#/19.5% BF (+/-) .

I've just recently been able to kip properly on pullups and only 1-2 at a time.
Looking at the numbers that are posted the CF standards like Cindy, Fran, Helen and Angie, mine are nothing to brag about. For me though I've made leaps and bounds in overall conditioning since starting CF. I still get gassed but I look forward to it far more than I used to.
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