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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Just found this thread as I don't frequent message forums as often as I used to.

I just turned 51 and will soon have 2 years of crossfit behind me although it was not without interruption from our affiliate's "growing pains" and my own over -enthusiasm forcing me to find a good physiotherapist and ART specialist.

Now with all that behind me I've been pretty consistently making gains on a 3day on/1 off then 2 on/1 off crossfit schedule since the summer as a member of Crossfit Ottawa. It's demanding, but it works, period!

I've been doing strength workouts throughout my adult life but have hit new PR'sin the basic lifts rather easily through crossfit. My cardio conditioning has always held me back and still keeps me behind during most metcon WODs, but I do continue to improve my scores even if it is slower than most (I've got 15-20 years on the average member here). Our trainers are top notch.
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