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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Nancy - I'd love to see you post here! I love my over-50 guys and it motivates me to compete with men, but I read your log every day and admire your abilities - and we're both rookie rowers! Maybe Mark would agree to let you post as a future "over-50 CrossFitter"!

Stephen - Really psyched about the rowing tomorrow night! Regarding running, I'm incredibly thankful that Patrick (my first CF trainer) completely changed my running technique and my knee problems disappeared!! Pose is the way to go and although I was very resistant at first, I changed to Pose, and my knee pain went away. I still have an ice-crunching sound in my knees when I squat, but my ortho doc told me that if my pain is gone, I should follow my trainer to the ends of the earth. I wish I could have - although stuck with the guy at the CLBBG now, I haven't forgotten anything that Patrick taught me.
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