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NAY burpees!!!

I did the wod today. and it was the 1st time i did burpees. well the guy/gal that invented them needs a kick where it hurts most!

i neve thought they where so hard. I did my warm up. did soms DL warmup sets. i put 80kg on the bar.

and started. my first brake came after the 1st 10 brupees. my friend (who works at the gym) was laughing his *** off about me being dead already
(he is a globo gym-er but he is a cool guy. he always laughs when i do a wod. but its more because i'm dieing not because he thinks its sillly or anything)

in between his laughing is like "dont give up dude or i'll laugh harder!" "come one crossfit sissy!!" it realy helps not quitting

Oh and could you please add something to the demo movie. beeing: look infrot off you or your chin will hit the floor and that hurts!!

the bottom line:


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