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Re: ***** Kimbo Bring On Brock

Originally Posted by George Heckert View Post
Dominant champ? The guy never defended his title once. He broke his leg before he could defend the title, which was vacated and won by Andre Arlovski. I'm not saying Frank Mir is not a good fighter, because he is and has better jiu jitsu than most heavyweights. I'm saying that to be a dominant champion you have to defend your title. It is unfortunate that he didn't get the chance. He has definitely looked better in his past two fights, even though he beat two relatively inexperienced fighters. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how he fares against an elite HW like Noguiera. Should be a technical ground fight.
Most experts agree had he not been injured he would have gone a run, the HW division back then was pretty weak. I love TIm Slyvia, but he's not even a serious contender anymore and he was champ for a couple years. He got lucky to be champ in a time in which he had very weak competition.
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