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Hi there. I have done 2 IM's but it was before the introduction of CF. Because of the time devoted to IM training (many 2 a day workouts), it would be easy to not include CF. I, unfortunately, did not do as much resistance in my training, whether it be in the weight room or a CF style and I think if I did, I would have performed better. I think it is very important to "lift" (ie weights, CF, etc) at least 2x a week during IM training. A good schedule could entail something like M,W,F swim and lift (together or at different times), T and Th run and bike (I often ran in the a.m. and rode in the p.m.) Then do a long ride/run during the weekend. It really depends on your schedule, but as time went on, I would do my long run on Wednesday and a long ride on the weekend, so I wasn't totally exhausted both Sat and Sun. I'm not a pro by any stretch, but could share some things that helped me.
Congrats on pursuing an IM...what a feeling when you cross the line (and then the pain sets in...hahahah) :lol:
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