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Re: I'm 155lbs, I want to be 190lbs; read inside.

Steven- Agreed, and I personally work out five days a week. But if I was trying to put on 35# of muscle in the next couple years, three days is pretty solid.

For me, at a younger age, (and much younger than I actually started) retrospectively I wish I had just eaten well and did crossfit, using any of the SS/Crossfit hybrids. So I am not suggesting what I think is best, overall.

Also (and sorry I am writing about you like you aren't here!) my best guess is that Mirza is not going to be able to adjust to a much lower volume, even though I think it would be the faster road to what he says he wants: 35#, pretty quickly. Given that routine, I just don't see it. So I'd come up with a basic workout, that (and I don't know anything about gymnastics, someone else can address that) would look sort of like:
a) squat, dip, chin (this would be the heavy heavy day, weighted on the chins and dips)(others would bench rather than dip)
b)clean and press, clean, deadlift (this would be the pretty heavy day)
c)sport specific day (skill day)(o lifts? Rings? Whatever you dig)

Looking at the four day split, Mirza is going to (no matter what I suggest) add additional exercises. This is cool, as long as he is seeing progress (adding weight or reps) to every exercise on a & b days. If he is not making progress, the additionals get junked.

Keep in mind I started lifting in my thirties, and was skinny and weak. But variations of the above and over 4000 calories a day did wonders for me. Will it get you fit, in the 'what is fitness' sense? No. Will it get you bigger and stronger? Yes.

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