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Re: I'm 155lbs, I want to be 190lbs; read inside.

Shrug, if that's how you want to do it go for it. I mean, I would recommend a different approach totally as I already suggested, but if this is what you've set your mind to do I might as well help you out some.

Here's my critique:

1. Insane amount of volume though, you'll probably hit an overreach state pretty quickly. To be honestly, I would rather you work in the 3-6 range for the good combination of strength and hypertrophy. 10 tends to develop too much endurance for my tastes, and it will take much longer to build the necessary strength for the moves you're looking at.

2. Too anterior heavy. Say hello to nice rounded shoulders and imbalances that can actually hinder training significantly. A good rule of thumb is to have as many pulling exercises as pushing to keep it about even. Front lever and planche are MEANT to be complimentary per Coach Sommer's article and thus you should train them together since it's a good opposite push-pull (and yes I know yoiu have front lever but the planche stuff proportional to front lever work is like 6:1). If you already have front lever start weighting your torso and do it as well as front lever pullups.

3. Get rid of the wasteful exercises. For example:

Day3 (rings)

60s Lever Hold
Iron Cross 4x3-4
Muscle Up 3x1-2?
Crescent PU 3x8-12
Ring Fly 3x8-12
Archer PU 3x8-12
Jackknife PU 3x8-12
I don't exactly understand why you are doing MUs, crescent pushups, rings flys and archer pushups... and somewhat jackknives PUs when they're all pretty much similar. While it goes back to my too anterior heavy and too much volume you're honestly just hitting the same muscles over and over and making it pretty much a conditioning workout rather than a strength. A good rule of thumb is 25-50 reps per kinetic chain per day with your kinetic chains being your posterior, pushing and pulling. If you are going to use those then pick a couple of them and do extremely intense work with them instead of doing 124234^2342 exercises which won't really help you gain strength or mass at all.

Heck, I had good strength and muscle gains by JUST doing 9-15 reps of one arm pullup work per day for 5 days a week. If the intensity is high, volume does not need to necessarily be high and can actually be detrimental. Plus with high intensity you get better strength gains.

Day 1 makes me cringe.. maybe even more.

4. And as you know by now.. +food
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