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Re: How intense should Crossfit be?

I have a similar problem to that of Derek. I am 17/M/5'11" but I only weigh 160lb, so while I can "handle" most of the weighted conditioning work, my time pretty much sucks. Fran takes me about 15min (thrusters just feel so damn heavy), Elizabeth (unscaled) took me 34min (I am still a beginner, so both the 135lb cleans and the ring dips were hard), and Diane takes me 13min and I cannot go full ROM on the HSPUs. My question is whether I should scale the workouts and go at a faster pace, or stick with as rx'd and still give it all I've got but build my time from there? (Since Cindy doesn't involve relatively heavy weights and I get "breaks" between pull ups, my PR is 20 rounds, better than the other workouts).

Dimitri Dziabenko
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