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How intense should Crossfit be?

In my recent attempts at the metcon workouts (recent here meaning only), I have found myself doing pathetically. I am running the clock over twenty minutes on Fran. Only getting seven rounds on Cindy. From what I have seen, these scores are horrible, even for someone new to metcon.

Am I pushing these workouts hard enough? I generally go to a fair amount of throat/lung pain before I stop and take breaks until I think I am ready to handle more. The breaks seem like they are too long though, and I don't think I am pushing myself hard enough. It would be easier if there were a coach telling me to get going, since then I would get a proper idea of the necessary intensity, but I am doing this on my own and there is no Crossfit affiliate very nearby.

Could you all give me an idea of how hard you hit the workouts? That way I could get an idea of whether I am just being a sissy about it or I am just very poorly conditioned.
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