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Re: 2016 Games Banter...starting off with Murph

Originally Posted by John Drohan View Post
If one WOD is going to so adversely affect you such that it makes you perform worse on other events
I just watched the 2015 Games video on Netflix, and I thought it was interesting that there were turning points during the week of competition but you don't really know it's a turning point until after. For Murph you could tell it was a turning point for Kara Webb and Annie Thorisdottir, but for the other athletes...?

Flipping the pig was a turning point for Mat Fraser that pushed him into 2nd place, but he didn't know that until the end of the weekend. He said he pulled the pig to his hips, curled it up, and flipped it over. This burned out his biceps, which would later surprise him in the form of failing rope climbs and handstand pushups in the last event. Did he know the pig would cause that? Not until it happened.

I don't think an athlete would completely sandbag Murph, but taking a more moderate approach would make sense.
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