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Re: 2016 Games Banter...starting off with Murph

I remember last year when the games started the masters with a workout that involved 90+ GHD sit ups. Was a rather nasty gut punch to start off workout 1 with.

Murph two times in two years seems like a tough way to start. Guess they loved all of the carnage that comes with that event. Testing to say the least. See how much people go slower this year in order to save themselves? Or are they testing the progress from the people who should have learned to train Murph.

I used to love Murph until I did it non partitioned. No vest doing it straight thru was my slowest time ever.. did I mention no vest..

Guess that the mega rig needs to be used and has 5 pull up stations.

Hope that it involves a twist? Team Murph.. something different please.

Yes agree that Briggs if she shows will murder it again.. Hard to believe that anyone will destroy last years leader.. Karl G.. but I am always amazed.
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