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Re: Crossfit Open 2016

Movements left-

Wall balls
Muscle ups
Dead lift
Hand Release Push ups
Box jumps
C & J

Plus any other new movement.
Guessing that HR push ups are no longer a open style event. Leaves 11. OHS well they did do the oh walking lunge.. same type of movement Leaves 10.

They love that row and thrusters workout but that has been done prior.

Have not done a Chipper yet.. so maybe that is coming up.

I would like to see a simple push pull workout like HSPU and Row or if you want to test some shoulder strength do hspu and wall balls.

10 min of 15 each? Couplet time folks.. Or Chipper time. Heck I don't know, I have never gotten close to getting an open workout right.

So basically 10 movements in 3 workouts.
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