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Re: Why No Powerlifting at the Games?

Originally Posted by Jeremy Schultz View Post
I think many CF'ers would agree you about rather seeing overhead squats than back squats, but I can't say I agree.

Testing variations/parts of the oly lifts are fine, but those things are as much about practice and good/expensive coaching than they are about pure strength. A back squat is much more a strength movement than a technique movement that the OHS is.
Its the same for PL. There are strange variantions of lifts. Like low back back squat, very wide stance, making a squat look almost like a good morning, very very wide bench presses, so ROM is only a few inches, not to mention arched backs. How would you say one is stronger than the other if the first person needs to move the bar only 10 inches while the other have to work hard to move 20 inches (talking about bench press arched back very very wide grip)

For OHP its very hard to move away from the traditional form.

And a DL. I just cant see it work for squat and bench, for deadlift would be fine, standard one, not sumo. But Id give the athletes a bit more time to recovery, at least 3-5 minutes so ATP is replenished and a true max can be noted. I hated the C&J ladder in 2013 where they had something like 2 minutes to complete the lift, that is not long enough.
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