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Re: Why No Powerlifting at the Games?

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
And in 2014 games teams also.

I find overhead squat much more attractive than DL, squat or regular bench. Id like to see strict OHP but that would be hard to judge I imagine, so Im fine with oly lifts at the games and some variations of it.
I think many CF'ers would agree you about rather seeing overhead squats than back squats, but I can't say I agree.

Testing variations/parts of the oly lifts are fine, but those things are as much about practice and good/expensive coaching than they are about pure strength. A back squat is much more a strength movement than a technique movement that the OHS is.

Also, the Games announcers are always lauding Castro about how he and his team are always coming with great new ways to challenge the Games athletes. OHS events have been done multiple times at the Regionals and Games. Would be hard to say yet another OHS-based event is "new and innovative". But a Bench Press-based event has never been done.
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