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Re: CF and relationships

Originally Posted by Jeff Enge View Post
In general, this is exactly it. Change happens.

But this also applies to your hobbies too. You may not always want to be paleo, or do CF.

You don't give up a 4-year relationship for a fitness regimen and a diet unless there's something underlying going on.
Nailed it.

1) He IS threatened by a bunch of hot crossfit guys (because all the ones one mainsite, and ESPN are super hot).
2) It simply isn't something he is interested in doing, which is fine. He doesn't have to be.
3) He should support you no matter what, but, being a man, see #1.
4) You shouldn't want to change him, just as he shouldn't be trying to change you.
5) The breakup (should it get to that point) shouldn't be about Crossfit.
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