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Re: CF and relationships

Managing any hobby and a relationship takes work from both sides. It can be more difficult if you started a relationship with the old pre-CF version of youself and then found CrossFit. I went though this with my wife. We were together 8 years and married for 3 at the point i started CrossFit, went paleo, and just got better in general. It was def a strain on our relationship but at the same time she was supportive. I made it clear that i needed to do it for myself, to be healthier for us and our future kids, and for my sanity considering my stressful job.

The key is making it clear that I was not picking CrossFit over her for that time of the day. I was picking my health.

We have since had kids (identical twin boys) and that has def made it more difficult but she has been supportive throughout. We put a garage gym together to help me get a quick WOD in on weekends to help maximize time with family.

The key of all this is making it clear that you need it, and that you like it. It is on your partner to be supportive, because that is their job. This obviously goes both ways. For me, if my partner was not supportive i would really need to reconsider my partner decision.

In reality I think its important to understand what about you doint CF strikes a nerve for him. Time away for the sake that he is bored, jealousy of your new fitness/attractivness, new friends, intimidation, whatever it is, get to the bottom of it and make a call.

Good luck.
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