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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Paulo Santos View Post
Darryl, these Diets are Fat Loss Diets, not weight loss diets. There is a difference. Yes, if you eat more than your maintenance, you will get fat. No sh*t.

This is just a way of manipulating your calories and carbs for when you need them the most. If you don't agree with it, I don't care. I've tried several diets in the past and Carb Backloading and Renegade Diet work much better for me than anything else that I have tried before. These diets aren't miracle diets, but they work better than others.
Manipulating calories and carbohydrates in a hypocaloric diet has no significant effect on the rate of fat oxidation or weight loss (excluding glycogen and water) over time.

For the life of me I don't understand why you have to stick your nose in things that you don't like. No one is asking for your opinion on this, so why don't you start your own thread and bash all of these "Fad Diets" if you want.
If you believe I am out of line posting in what you appear to perceive as 'your' thread, or have breached the Acceptable Use Policy in some way, report the post and the moderators will deal with your complaint as they see fit.

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