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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Phil Washlow View Post
17lbs lost in 2 months while all workouts and lifts improved. I said weight because I understand that I lost water in that. But my loss was definitely fat. Sadly there are no studies comparing over feeding low carb high fat to over feeding a balanced or high carb diet to my knowledge. Hopefully these studies will happen in the future.
High fat and low-carb diets have been shown to cause weight gain just the same as low fat and high-carb, in a controlled setting.

I can`t tell you exactly what you experienced in retrospect, however it is most likely not what you think happened.

Exercise and timing help with partitioning, sequestering calories for one use over another.

Some calories in heavy high fat meals aren't digested, and are just passed through. There is a limit to what can be absorbed but the body is pretty efficient at doing it. Some foods can interfere with fat absorption to some degree.

Also if you switched from a high carb to a high fat diet it could take a few days for your body to adjust enzymes to maximize fat absorption.

But I doubt this would be more than 10%, a few hundred calories in most people.

But there are also several sources of error possible in counting intake and also in estimating your maintenance after activity and afterburn. Being off 20% on each which is not uncommon in a non-controlled setting and a cumulative 40% error. So you may have thought you were eating more than you needed, but actually eating less. Probably this.
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