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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Larry Bruce View Post
Weight doesn't matter in the short term because water weight can fluctuate many 2-5 pounds over a few days. Measuring fat even Dexa couldn't be relied on as accuracy is around +/- 1.5%. Maybe an MRI if you want to go to that trouble. So you have to look over the long term, and over the long term eating a thousand calories over maintenance will cause fat gain. All studies show this.

There are various hormonal factors involved, that speed or slow the process but in my knowledge and experience don't reverse it.
17lbs lost in 2 months while all workouts and lifts improved. I said weight because I understand that I lost water in that. But my loss was definitely fat. Sadly there are no studies comparing over feeding low carb high fat to over feeding a balanced or high carb diet to my knowledge. Hopefully these studies will happen in the future.
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