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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Lynne Pitts View Post
This is your second post of insult and insinuation. Could you please tell us whether you're trolling and baiting, or if you're actually a genuine and honest individual who just "accidentally" keeps coming across as a troll?
Ms. Pitts,

I am an avid Crossfitter and have met Coach on a few different occasions (Okinawa) and always enjoyed his speeches/seminars. I, too, support the idea of keeping the ownership of Crossfit "in house". However, a lot of posts on here have made Coach Glassman out to be a saint and "she who shall not be named" out to be evil incarnate. Somehow I don't think either is true. Although its not my call, I think you are being a bit draconian in the application of your moderator duties. Surely there is room in our ranks for dissenting oppinion? I would hope that everyone could agree that not all the facts have been revealed and just as many would concur that it is wise to wait until all the facts have been reviewed before committing Seppuku.

The posts on this thread do closely resemble group think. Rallying the troops to threaten "de-affiliation" is deliberately threatening to devalue the brand. As HQ is so fond of saying (roughly), the strength is in the affiliates. Lets call a spade a spade here. We are threatening that, if the deal goes through (and Coach Glassman asks), we will all stop calling ourselves "Crossfit" and now call ourselves whatever our new buzzword is. That will leave the brand "Crossfit" with nothing, making the investment by Anthos worthless (i.e. devalued). The time might come when that is the right thing to do. Threatening to do it might also be wise, but it seems like we might be burning a bridge that we don't need to yet. Coach has said that A) he won't let it happen and B) he has the upper hand. If that is true, then we all don't need to burn our bras, grab our pitchforks, and swallow the cyanide just yet.

Questioning this strategy doesn't make Daniel a bad guy. It makes him a cautious and reserved guy. If I were on the opposing side, I would certainly consider bringing this up during whatever proceedings might take place in the future.

And before you threaten me with banishment for "trolling", please remember that I love Crossfit just as much (or more) than you and want to see it succeed. I too would like to see ownership kept "in house". I would just like to caution us all from ostracizing or casting out those who disagree with us or those who, like Daniel, reserve judgement until all the facts are known.


"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
George S. Patton

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