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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
This reminds me of a pre-arranged marriage in which the man is required to get in bed with someone he does not love (nor ready to love).

It begs the question: WHY would the woman in this example, if given the choice, choose to marry a man that does not love her?

Wealth could be the knee jerk answer, but that is not enough reason to marry someone. Compatibility is the first checkpoint to any successful marriage and different wants, interests, goals, religious views, and political views will ultimately weaken the bond and result in failure.

Based on everything I have read (especially the preceding pages of this thread), this is clearly not a good match for either side. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this.
EXACTLY! My gut tells me this Anthos deal stinks. I don't need to even hear the he said/she said BS, I know what feels right and what doesn't. I can read between the lines. People, trust your instincts!
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